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Name:Claudia Brown
Birthdate:Apr 3
She's built like a jacknife: pointed elbows, pointed knees, pointed chin, all straight lines and corkscrew twists. With one hand, she forges the opaque realms of tomorrow. With the other, she teases and tempts, and manipulates those around her--the only solace (and entertainment) she has left.

Claudia Brown can see the future. She just can't see anything else.

Nineteen years old (probably), locked in a government facility all of her life. Claudia's forced to give out prophecy after prophecy, for things she doesn't understand, or doesn't care about. It's hard work, and nobody understands the hell she goes through, every time she's overcome with visions of apocalyptic sugar plums.

Guard yourself, when you're around her. A lifetime of confinement has left her with a case of delightful apathy towards human life that can borderline on apparent sociopathy. If she makes a prediction about you, there's a good chance she's lying, just to get under your skin.

And worse yet, there's a good chance she's telling the truth.

[ooc: Claudia is my character, Keiko Lynn Groves is an independent woman who don't need no mun. Mun and muse are over the age of eighteen. I'm aware that the 'blind prophet' trope is as old as dirt, but it's so much fun.]
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